I am an artist based in Cape Town South Africa. 

I think it is fair to say my subjects choose me. I love painting people, with their varied tones and the translucency of their skin. The variety of colours in the feathers of birds, the wonder of wild animals, and the beauty in a still life all serve to inspire me. 

I love movement; but also relish stillness, and I delight in the way light catches the subject matter. All these elements, together with my perceptions of the world inside and around me, work to create a narrative. 

I have come to embrace the challenge of capturing depth and dimension in graphite drawings, full of light and contrast; enjoy the playfulness of pen, ink and watercolours, and get lost in the vibrancy and textures of oil paints. 

There is wonder in this world of creating art - an amazing journey of discovery of both beauty and of self. 

Galleries I have been and I am represented by


The Cape Gallery - Cape Town
Fillingdon Fine Art - London


Art at Constantia - Groot Constantia, Cape town
Red Gallery - Cape town
Clock Rower Gallery - Cape town
AVA Group Exhibition - Cape town
G2 Art Gallery -  Cape town
Vanilla Canvas Gallery - Cape town

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